The Secret Of Exercise Excitement

Published: 02nd April 2012
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A healthy body isn’t the only benefit of exercise. Have you ever wondered why you feel better after you’ve worked out? Have you ever gone for a run around the block and found that you feel good enough for a second? When your body becomes active, you mind is also stimulated, both chemically and emotionally.

Not to sound cliché, but have you ever seen the movie where after a run around the block the guy looks at his fitness counterpart, whom by the way is clearly exhausted and exasperated, and enthusiastically tells him to “You can do it…just a few more miles!” That may seem well over-exaggerated, but that is what happens as you become more active. Activity leads to enthusiasm. As you become more active, your mental ability to become more active is stronger, growing at a rapid rate and saturating your body…and mind.

Physical = mental

When you become active, your muscles and circulatory system begin to function differently. When you work out, toxins within muscles and the rest of your body will actually begin to work to remove themselves from your body. Deeper breathing and sweating are an excellent aid in cleansing the body of stored toxins within. Relieving your body of these toxins can help to return a fit chemical balance to your body, enhancing your mood, ability to think, and energy levels.

Sleep is something that many people have trouble with, but few often address properly. Throughout the course of the day, the body wants to use up its energy levels. Depending on diet and activity, you may not be sleeping well because of your fitness practices. One of the best and most natural solutions to help a person sleep is becoming more active during the day. Using up stored energy, working the muscles, and removing toxins from the body through the respiratory and circulatory system all have the advantage of keeping the mind healthy. During activity, the body produces chemicals that not only burn off stored energy, but relax the body as well. These chemicals help to bring balance to the body, and are able to aid in more than just sleep.

Your present activities build your body up for endurance. Endurance is when your body can endure work for longer periods of time. This effectively means more energy. As you continuously practice your fitness plan, your endurance level increases, and ideally, your energy goes up. This means that throughout the day, you will feel that much more energized about situations. When someone says a simple “Good morning,” you won’t groggily mumble “morn’n,” you’ll find yourself more excited about the event. Though this is just an example (not everyone is a morning person), you will be able to respond more actively to the world around you.

This isn’t just limited towards discussions and work, because as your day is composed of many events, you’ll find that you have energy to accomplish more. From hobbies after work, such as helping your children work on a school project, to engaging in some fun activities or events, you’ll have the energy to accomplish them.

The mental state of fitness

The chemical reasons that result from activity are an excellent benefit on their own, but there are deeper mental aids that a fit lifestyle can offer you as well. These benefits lie deep within each of us, and are equally advantageous.

Think about how good it feels to succeed. When you construct a fitness plan, you set goals. The design of these goals is likened to stair steps that help you ascend toward success. Each goal is there, not only to guide you, but to build your confidence. As your confidence builds, your mental state towards achieving goals will actually be stronger. You experience and see success, building confidence. When you have confidence in something, feel better in general. This is a psychological advantage to a fitness plan, and when conducted correctly, you will experience the full benefits of your healthy lifestyle.

These mental advantages allow you to perform at a much better level during work, hobbies, or daily activities. The best of which you can think far more clearly, enhancing your judgment throughout the day. These benefits are centrifugal, and will continuously assist you throughout your healthy lifetime.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle, both diet and activity, will affect your mental state as well. As your body becomes well, your mind will also begin to experience the benefits of your enthusiastic exercise experience.

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